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After Sales Service


We recognize that the expectation of our market is to ensure the maximum performance of the equipment at the lowest possible cost.

As a relatively newcomer to the marketplace, we are well aware that our success is at large directly connected with our ability to successfully support our customer. In this undertaking, Intensus regularly strives to exceed our customer’s service support expectations. We start with equipment that is designed to meet world class standards, both of durability and reliability, followed by world class international components carefully chosen to work in harmony.


This is a shared responsibility of Intensus with its customers. Keeping and eye on a machine’s performance is vital to minimize potential down time cost. There is no substitute for a proper maintenance program; it insures not only the performance but the life of the machine and its components.

Repair Options

Since we use world renowned components and parts, the repairing process does not require specialized training or tooling. Furthermore, Intensus offers an open system of parts replacement, whereby the parts can be easily acquired from our own warehouse facilities and/or thorough mainline component distributors. We deliver those parts and components directly or in tandem via the after-sales distribution systems of our selected providers at the most competitive prices. Bottom line, we can be assured that your equipment will be up and running in the shortest possible time.

Company Profile

A scant few years ago, it would not have been possible to anticipate the changes that are currently taking place in the construction equipment industry. This transformation has already impacted the way we conduct business everywhere in the world.

Intensus/XCMG is an example of this process in motion. Its pioneering business model and professional approach to the market have ensured a realistic alternative to the traditional means of manufacturing and distribution in our industry.

Hence, the leading global position in the industry.

Mr. Li Suoyong and J. Carlos Salcedo