Intensus products, due to their acquisition cost and high reliability, are excellent candidates for financing  programs.


Intensus offers long-term leases on its complete line of products. These programs are customized to meet the specific individual needs. Whether you are interested to free up cash, adapt your machines to feat your new projects, or wish to purchase the machine at the end of the leasing term for a fair market value.

Intensus Leasing programs are managed by the largest heavy construction industry focused lenders that have tailored their programs for XCMG-Intensus specifically. Their programs are applicable in the United States of America, Canada, and selected countries around the world.


In addition to the traditional Lease programs and those backed by deferred International Letters of Credit, or other customary international guarantees, Intensus offers through the Export Bank of China, a worldwide and liberal lending purchasing program (36 to 60 months). Typically, these buyer or seller’s loans require a 15% down payment and annual or semi-annual installment at below market interest rates.  Payments can also reflect the work cycles, or other fixed schedules beyond the traditional skip payments, balloon or payment acceleration programs.