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About Intensus

The Intensus Company

Intensus Engineering, Inc. (LLC) is a joint venture with the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Company, Ltd (XCMG) located in China. Intensus is involved in a range of diverse projects in the Americas and Europe. Its management team has assisted XCMG's efforts in the Americas to find suitable industry partners, acquire new technology, develop joint ventures between XCMG and major world class manufacturers, continuous product improvement, as well as secure financial investments for both current and future major undertakings. The success of this joint effort in the Americas has been substantial. Today there is vibrant American participation of Fortune 500 machinery giants in the development of XCMG products

The Product Line

XCMG's primary product range consists of earth moving equipment, hydraulic cranes, road building and construction equipment in general such as:
Rubber tire loaders, concrete processing, soil and asphalt compaction, pavers, material handling machinery, special purpose vehicles, fire trucks, building equipment, and pneumatic tools.

XCMG also manufactures critical components, which include special chassis, driving axles, slewing bearings, hydraulic cylinders, diesel engines, gearboxes, hi-pressure gears, pumps, cabs, and steel casting. In addition to The Above, XCMG has the capability of producing specialized products depending on the needs of its clients and private labeling prospects.

Our Technology and Research Center is constantly developing new and better technologies, and additional relationships are being fostered at the present time. To assure steady development of world class products, in addition to acquiring western technology and contracting instructors to train personnel to maximize its application, our staff have and continue to be trained in leading engineering and management universities to assure future growth.

As a critical international operation of XCMG, Intensus is committed to help build and maintain the Xuzhou Group's capabilities and innovative accomplishments in the global construction equipment and related industry. We endeavor to be top 5 World wide by 2015.

Company Profile

A scant few years ago, it would not have been possible to anticipate the changes that are currently taking place in the construction equipment industry. This transformation has already impacted the way we conduct business everywhere in the world.

Intensus/XCMG is an example of this process in motion. Its pioneering business model and professional approach to the market have ensured a realistic alternative to the traditional means of manufacturing and distribution in our industry.

Hence, the leading global position in the industry.

Mr. Li Suoyong and J. Carlos Salcedo